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I made this recipe because the reviews seemed to boast it up so highly. However, I was extremely disappointed by the taste. I eat fish all the time, and I was looking for something a little different. I thought this would be a sweet and tangy marinade, but it ended up tasting like fish that had been soaking in orange juice. Total lack of flavor; I will not make this again.

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littlebunnie_ May 08, 2009

Delicious! My son wanted to drink the sauce-lol! I had a 2 pound salmon fillet and I seasoned it with black pepper and a citrus wasabi rub first. I pierced the fish with a fork several times so the marinade could penetrate the fish better. I used 3 teapoons of honey because we like it sweet and I used 1 tablespoon fresh grated gingerroot. I marinaded it about 2 hours , then I used heavy duty foil and made a packet for my fish, poured some of the marinade on top of the fish along with some little pats of butter and wrapped it up in a couple layers of foil and cooked it on my gas grill about 15 minutes, turning it over half-way through. Delcious and I will use this alot this summer. I served it with steamed jasmine rice and stir-fry veggetables w/ asparagus. Thanks!

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bad kitty 1116 April 20, 2009

This dish was absolutely delicious. I made a glaze with some orange juice, soy sauce, honey and garlic then reduced it by half and brushed it on after the salmon was cooked. SOOOOO GOOOD. I don't think I've had salmon this good from a resteraunt.

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Davey-O January 06, 2008

This was wonderful! I don't have a grill and like to have a sauce with my salmon, so did things slightly different. I mixed all the ingredients (except the orange zest - didn't have any fresh oranges) and poured it over the salmon in a baking dish. I let it marinade for about 3-4 hours in the fridge. Took it out about 30 minutes before cooking and just put the whole dish in the oven at 190C/375F for about 25-30 minutes. My hubby was even raving about it. Thanks for a great recipe ~ definitely a keeper!

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CulinaryQueen October 06, 2006

OUTSTANSDING! I was looking for something just like this to use w/ my salmon last night. I usually have a pantry full of marinades , but this time nothing suitable for salmon. I made this marinade just as explained here with no changes. This was delicious, and in my opinion should be bottled and sold! It is very savory, tangy and sweet(all at the same time) and lends its flavor to the salmon perfectly. It smelled wonderful on the grill.Everyone here at my house loved it-The orange zest really adds to the flavor and makes it*pop*- Thank You for the recipe!

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MemphisMommy September 28, 2006
Orange-Honey Marinade for Salmon