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This is a very delicious recipe, but too much salt for me. I have high blood pressure so have to watch it when it comes to salt. To cut down I used unsalted butter and "No Salt" for the salt. I had some very huge scallops so I cut them in half so they were more bite size. But the over all flavor of this dish was so wonderful I'd recommend it to all my friends.

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bonita494 February 16, 2013

Very good ~ I misread the recipe and added red pepper flakes to the sauce ~ thank goodness I didn't add one teaspoon! Too, I added the zest of one orange. To compensate for me adding red pepper flakes, I only used a sprinkling of black pepper. I believe the dish would have been too salty as written, therefore I only lightly sprinkled the scallops with salt, and added just a dash to the sauce! Made for my Preemie Adoption, Spring PAC 2011 ~

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Kerfuffle-Upon-Wincle April 01, 2011
Orange Glazed Scallops