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This is a really delicious, restaurant-quality salmon recipe!!!! I LOVE the glaze and my guests kept bragging about how great it was too!! I used sriracha in place of Louisiana/Tabasco-type sauce and it really had great flavor and heat!!! I lined my pan with foil and I am glad that I did because the sugar in the glaze really burns on the pan (not on the salmon though). My salmon filets were about an inch or a little more thick so they took longer to cook than the 8-10 minutes. Probably more like 15-20 minutes, I just kept checking them until they were done. Absolutely loved this recipe, will make again and serve to guests again. Thanks for the recipe!!!!!

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Chef*Lee May 01, 2009

Wonderful recipe! I took a hot skillet and seared the tuna on both sides in a little canola oil. Cut the heat back and added the glaze ingredients. I only used the orange juice, brown sugar and minced garlic with a little dried parsley. I let the salmon finish in the glaze and when cooked, removed it to a plate. I had carrots and potatoes roasting in the oven ahead of time. I plated them while the glaze continued reducing in the skillet. Once reduced I poured it over the salmon and carrots. It was So Very Good! I'll come back to this one again for sure!

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Loves To Cook but NOT clean up October 26, 2015

This turned out great! It really highlighted the salmon. I used a large navel orange and squeezed the juice for the glaze. I can't taste the orange, which is probably because the oranges were lacking flavor. Even without the orange taste, it was perfect! I used a dark brown sugar with no problems.

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nsgeorge_8573084 November 30, 2014

Turned out great! Very simple and easy to prepare. I might use the orange glaze recipe for other dishes.

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ryanmc March 29, 2013

I joined food.com just to leave this review - this recipe is that good! Delicious - and very easy. I didn't even use fresh salmon - I used an IQF slab of salmon and it was absolutely delicious. I love seafood anyway, but what's amazing is that my PICKY husband and two fish-hating children loved it, too. Thanks!

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jorasmom February 17, 2013
Orange Glazed Salmon