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I made this last week and forgot to put in the cocoa powder! I didn't realize that til it was cooling and had been dusted with powdered sugar. I did have to bake it for probably close to an hour to get "a good crust" on it. It was still very moist in the middle, but it tasted great! Because I had tagged it for *Sweet Traditions Game*, messing it up seemed a good excuse to make it again! Yay! Today I used semi-sweet chips because I had those on hand and remembered the cocoa powder. I baked it for about 40 minutes and thought it looked like it had "a good crust." But when we cut into it, it was like molten chocolate in the middle AND it was DELICIOUS!!! So, really, I declare this cake Fool-proof! lol! An intentional change I made was to just use 5 whole eggs instead of messing around with eggs & yolks.

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mliss29 December 29, 2009

Made & reviewed for Election Eats in TOTM Forum! I really loved this cake. To be honest I love any chocolate cake but this was was great as the texture is ttally different from my usual cakes. DH was not too sure but ate plenty of it anyway! I added a little extra orange zest .

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Um Safia November 03, 2008
Orange Flourless Cake for the Reagan Family