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We loved even considering our OOPS moment no marmalade was so sure I had some in a jar and just enough for this recipe but alas no so went o'kay got an orange in the fridge I'll zest it and it will give the orange flavour but no it has been eaten so last resort orange juice not as intense or sweet as the marmalade would be but it still tasted great, thank you Nancy's Pantry made for http://4foodfriendsandfun.yuku.com/topic/286/For-Your-ConsiderationTag-Game?page=156#.VLzyKLccSGc and was very much enjoyed with Mummamills http://australian.food.com/recipe/microwave-fried-rice-94211 and made for a very enjoyable meal, thank you Nancy's Pantry.

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I'mPat January 19, 2015

I used leg/thigh quarters and it took 5 pounds to feed my family of 4. I suppose that is because the legs are mostly bone. The marinade was enough for all of that though. After marinating, I boiled the marinade in the microwave for safety reasons before basting the chicken. I think it took longer than an hour and even then some pieces were a little undercooked... that could also be the difference with quarters being larger than thighs alone. In the marinade, I could only taste the soy sauce and 5 spice... not a bad combo but I was disappointed that the marmalade didn't come thru. I did taste it in the drippings but not on the chicken. I may try more marmalade next time.

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Chef Tweaker February 10, 2013
Orange Five-Spice Roasted Chicken