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Baked this for Thanksgiving and it was a hit! I really liked the bright citrus flavor and the texture the crunch layer gave the cake. I brought the orange flavor out even by adding homemade orange powder to the cake mix and to the topping. This will go into my Go To list for cakes. This is a winner and if there were more starts to give, I would give it to this cake.

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WhiteSnake November 25, 2011

I was at the Bubble Room this spring with my boyfriend. He said it was the best cake and wanted it for his birthday. I was so glad to find this recipe floating around online. It may not be exact, but it was exceptional! I did, however, use the advice of a previous review and included a 1/4 tsp of orange extract in the cake and 1/8 tsp in frosting - good choice in my opinion!

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Lux3 June 08, 2011

This recipe definitely makes for A GREAT TASTING CAKE! I particularly appreciated all the citrus zest that was included & didn't feel the urge to increase it as I often do! The one change that I made was in the amounts of water & OJ ~ I used 1/4 cup of water & 3/4 cup of the juice! Great crunchy topping, too, in this great keeper recipe! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Please Review My Recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike October 14, 2009

Never having been to the Bubble Room, I had no preconceived notions concerning this cake. Well, I think it's TDF! I can't say enough about this cake! If you were to ask me right now my favorite cake.....this would be it! Thnx for sharing your oh-so-good recipe, RbdCbn. Made for PRMR recipe tag game.

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Darkhunter April 12, 2010

I am giving this 5 stars, because I just returned from Captiva and had the pleasure of trying this amazing cake. I plan to make this for my family for Easter, but I am going to try to modify it to try and make it more like the cake at the Bubble Room. First of all, the cake at the Bubble Room is not yellow...it is white. And I don't believe there is any cool whip in the icing. The icing was delicious, but not fluffy at all. I will re-rate and let you know how my changes worked, and what they were. This cake is definitely TDF!

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brynne4 March 20, 2012

This is a REALLY good cake!! However, not exactly like the one from the Bubble Room - but I'm wondering if that was my ignoring 1 subtle measurement. The icing was much lighter than the Bubble Room's - I noticed that the recipe specified "1 c" of Cool Whip. I used the whole 8 oz tub b/c 8 oz usually = 1 c, but of course whipped cream is so light that that doesn't hold true. Next time, I'll measure out 1 c of Cool Whip to see if that's the trick. I'll also probably add some orange extract to the cake next time for that BOLD orange flavor from the Bubble Room. The crunch layer is SPOT ON - perfect duplication! Thanks for a great cake!!! :-)
*~*~*~*~*~*~* Update: I made this again last weekend during Hurricane Irene, so it was really humid. I added the orange extract, which made the flavor UNBELIEVABLE. The only problem was that the icing kinda ran off the cake. I had to put it in the fridge to save it and really coax the icing back on the cake right before serving. The only other variable was that I used 1 c of cool whip instead of the whole tub. Not sure if it was the humidity or the different cool whip measurement that caused the difference...guess I'll just have to make this DELICIOUS cake again ... in the interest of scientific research, of course! :-)

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Amy020 September 05, 2011

AMAZING! I made this for a family reunion recently and it was the ONLY dessert that didn't have any left overs. I followed the recipe for the cake exactly. For the frosting I used a cream cheese base (instead of the container of vanilla frosting) which I found on myrecipes.com and then added the orange peel. Cream cheese frosting made it just that much better. Will be making it again for every family function!

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stef9811 March 30, 2015

in all fairness i have not made this cake. just some comments and a question: how does a box cake that uses that vile, canned vanilla icing receive five stars? just to read the recipe makes me cringe. i don't doubt the original from the bubble room is excellent, so i went searching for a recipe that uses better quality ingredients. i found it at: http://www.greensnchocolate.com/2011/06/orange-crunch-cake.html

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kateskouros May 03, 2014

We've been going to Captiva Island and the Bubble Room for years and my entire family just loves this cake. It's now the number one dessert they request me to make for holidays. My family seems to think it's just as good! (I personally get the Bubble Room cheesecake, so I have no idea what differences there might be)

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Cristine A. November 27, 2013

Just from reading the recipe...the nuts in the cake are almonds. Not sure about the whipped cream in the icing either? We have traveled to Captiva for over 20 years now and eat this cake every time we go. I taste no lemon or lime in it either.? :) All about the crunch and the orange flavor. The cake is also a white cake. Will modify this recipe and try it myself. Very easy to make I am sure. Love to bake and cook. Going to use a white cake mix for easy baking, they make theirs from scratch I am sure. Almonds, brown sugar, orange zest in the icing. May try a little orange flavoring but have to watch the liquid in the icing. I taste no orange in the cake either, just in the icing. Just my thoughts after having just left the Bubble Room last week again and my son wanted me to make the cake this week. I cut in to every layer of the cake last week. :). Have fun baking!!! Yumm.

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heidecooks April 17, 2013
Orange Crunch Cake from the Bubble Room