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I changed this recipe a litte. I used half and half for both milks, no orange concentrate or extract. Instead, I zested one orange and squeezed the juice for the cake, and did the same for the icing. By only having 1/2 the liquid in the icing, the icing was perfect. And as MY special touch? I used Hershey's dark cocoa, added hot water and plenty of sugar and to make it semi sweet and drizzled it between the layers and used it to marbelize the top after the icing. The cake tasted delicious but was very (extremely) dry. (and I had to take it out after only 27 minutes before it gurned.)

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willowm June 30, 2009

People went nuts over this cake! My five-year old nephew asked me to make an orange cake with orange frosting and strawberries all over for his birthday. I found this recipe and tried it, knowing how he loves creamsicles. The frosting is somewhat runny, so first I frosted the bottom and let it run over the sides. I then chopped up mandarin oranges and put them atop that bottom layer. After putting the top layer on, I really gooed on the icing then toothpicked sliced strawberries along the edges and added 4 big, chocolate-covered strawberries in the middle surrounding his "5" candle. Along the bottom edges where all the extra frosting had run over, I also lined up sliced strawberries. Then, I sprinkled the whole thing lightly with red edible glitter (sugar). It looked great and tasted even better. Everyone oohed and aahed. Give it a try!

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hookimhorns April 10, 2009

Great recipe! I made the 2 layer cake and it looked wonderful and tasted even better. My only advise, use name brand orange juice concentrate. I used an off brand that was a little tart.

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chipittydoda March 16, 2009

Wow! When I was a little girl my favorite ice cream was the creamsicle. We used to go up to a bungalow colony every summer and I would have one every day at the pool. This cake brought back some wonderful memories. My only change to the recipe was to use orange zest instead of orange extract, which isn't available in this country. I did make the cake dairy, something I normally don't do. First we had some for dessert, then we had some for breakfast, then a little nosh in the afternoon, and then it was gone!

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Mirj October 21, 2007
Orange Creamsicle Cake (From Scratch)