Orange Chicken For Two

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Total Time
7 mins
15 mins

A lovely dinner for you and someone special.

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  1. Mix flour, salt, and pepper; coat chicken.
  2. Heat oil on med, brown chicken.
  3. Mix nutmeg with marmalade and juice, spread over chicken.
  4. Cover and cook for 15 minutes.
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4 5

This was okay. The sauce was good, but the chicken itself didn't have a whole lot of flavor. I also added some roasted cashews to mine, which I thought was nice addition.

4 5

Easy, quick, few ingredients. Great for week night meal after work. I'd highly recommend to anyone!

5 5

Very easy and very good! I made this exactly as written. Along with rice and a salad itt was a quick, delicious weeknight dinner for my DH and me.