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We really enjoyed this chicken dish, awalde. The fresh tomatoes really flavored the dish wonderfully. The orange flavor didn't come out much for me. I wonder if maybe I used an orange that hadn't ripened enough and just didn't yet have a prominent orange flavor. But the fresh tomatoes and fresh green onion slices that I sprinkled on top at serving time (along with the great choice of herbs and other ingredients) really made this dish taste garden fresh. It's definitely a Keeper of a recipe and I'll definitely make this again but will tinker a bit to bring out the orange flavor a bit more. I thought maybe instead of the white wine I would try a shot or so of orange liqueur, to enhance the orange flavor in this dish. Maybe next time.

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NorthwestGal January 28, 2014

I did take note of Debbwi's review and halved the onions and omitted the sugar, but I still think it needs more orange flavor and it does not need the tomato. Perhaps replace the tomato with a whole orange and the sugar with orange marmalade. It was still good even if not very orangey.

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Nyteglori July 19, 2011

This nice chicken came out tender with a nice onion flavor. While we enjoyed this DH felt the onion over powered the orange. Made as written using the fallowing options ketchup, the dry mustard (which would cut in half or leave out as it was a bit predominate) and last did use the sugar option, topping off with a bit of chopped chives also list as one of two toppings. Thanks for the post.

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Debbwl March 27, 2011
Orange Chicken