Orange Cherry Lemonade

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

Completely refreshing change of pace to the usual lemonade. The marashino cherry juice adds a delicious color & flavor, and the little bit of fresh squeezed orange & lemon really add to the refreshing homemade taste.

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  1. In a GALLON jug (empty milk or water container), fill container about 1/4 full with HOT water& add sugar.
  2. (This helps sugar dissolve immediately).
  3. Add remaining ingredients, squeezing juice from the lemons& oranges as well.
  4. Cut 1 each lemon& orange into thin slices (use the ones you previously squeezed the juice out of) and add slices into container.
  5. (The oils from the skins add alot of flavor.) Fill container with cold water, shake,& serve over ice!
  6. ~Yummyyyyyy!
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This was a great change from normal lemonade. Thanks for posting it! DebbiF

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This was a pretty good lemonade. Thanks JL. Bullwinkle.