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I was going to post this recipe and found it was already on the database!!! Original source from the great Canadian Living Magazine. Update 4/2010 I made these buns again and they are soooo yummy, I love the sweet orange flavour of the buns! I wanted to take a photo, but I forgot!! Oh well, an excuse to make them again!!

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Elly in Canada April 21, 2010

Made these for my company at the lake. Easy to make great flavor

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Laureen in B.C. September 15, 2012

Wonderful recipe. More like scones then actual 'buns', but that's more up my alley. : ) Very tender on the inside. As you can see, it's quite brown on the outside, but that is purely the fault of the baker. I set the timer for 35 minutes and went off to do other things. Clearly it was ready sooner than that. The extra sugar on the outside caramelized and made the outside a little crisp. Next time I'll check at 20 minutes and then keep an eye on it. I added a few dried cranberries in half of the rolled batter for variety, but other than that, made as written. I'll reduce the amount of 'orange sugar' to 1/2 cups next time. There was quite a bit of it left, which I sprinkled on top once it was in the pan. As you can see by the photo, I had to squeeze to get it in the pan. The only tube pan I had was a bundt. But like I said....wonderful recipe, and I'll certainly be making it again...and again......:) Made in honour of your dear husband Ed.

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Diana #2 December 30, 2010

I got 8 big buns out of this, although I was using super fine flour and had to add a bit more to get a good consistency dough. Very quick and easy, mixed it all in the Kitchen Aid. Result is kind of a very sweet orange baking powder biscuit that looks really pretty. Added a drizzle of oj glaze to the tops. Cooked at 400° for only about 20 minutes, I was surprised they were done so fast.

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Kasha April 26, 2004

Awesome buns! I zested the oranges with my Microplane, and mixed it with vanilla sugar instead of the regular sugar. I got 8 small buns out of this, and it was inhaled within minutes of leaving the oven. I'm going to double, triple the recipe later today!

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Mirj April 22, 2004
Orange Buns