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This is goood and what I was looking for. Dairy free & cold like ice cream. I used the freshly squeezed juices called for and one huge strawberry that wanted to be used up here. It has almost been finished and I have only scrapped it without putting it into a food processor but can see that would make it of better texture. The only problem is there are bits that seem too big of the peels but that may be fixed if I use the processor? I did grate them on the finner side of my box grater. I added the liquid to my ice cream maker instead of a glass bowl but should have chilled it first and will do so next time insha Allah (God willing).

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UmmBinat April 14, 2011

SO GOOD! and so easy, too! I had a ton of organic oranges and lemons, and this was the perfect recipe in which to use them. Cool, refreshing, and just the right amount of sweetness. I used organic sugar/evaporated cane juice with good results, and my Cuisnart ice cream maker which made prep extremely easy. The whole family loved it, and I'm sure I'll make this recipe again and again. Can't wait to try other fruits as well. Thanks for sharing!

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LonghornMama February 24, 2007
Orange and Lemon Ice