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Peggy, I have to tell you, this recipe saved us from a ton of misery. We recently came back from Central America with a mysterious illness. We WERE hospitalized, but when we we allowed to go home the doctor stressed how important it was to get hydrated. Half of our pain was from dehydration, so I mixed up a large batch of this and we all sipped it for a whole day. By that evening we all felt significantly better! I give credit to this rehydration drink!! I am sure that it helped us get over our illness much faster. Within an hour of drinking it, we noticed a great improvement. I added the lemon and for my daughter's drinks I added lemonade. Thank you for a WONDERFUL remedy!!! :)

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~Leslie~ March 06, 2008

excellent for rehydrating. a good addition to this is to use 1/2 tsp salt substitute in addition to the salt and sugar. salt substitute is made with potassium chloride and 1/4 tsp of it provides 650mg of potassium. thanks for posting this and i hope it helps people!

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grumblebee February 12, 2008
Oral Rehydration Salts