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The cheese sauce to this was super as well as the overall taste! However we found the baguette to be a bit too crusty for us and it made it very hard to bite into. So half way through eating our sandwiches (we opted to make 4 sandwiches rather than hors d'ouevres) we tranferred over to some french rolls we had on hand and it was much easier to eat, but I think if we had toasted the rolls it would have been even better. This is fairly simple to put together just make sure you have your prep work ready since you need to constantly stir the sauce. It is actually easiest if you have a second pair of hands to do the meat and veggies so they can all be made at the same time and remain warm. The key is also in slicing your meat very thin and at an angle. Very good!

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CulinaryExplorer March 13, 2008

These are delish! We made larger sandwiches - making about six sandwiches with plenty of cheese sauce leftover - the cheese sauce is wonderful and we loved using it as a dip for chips in addition to the sauce for the sandwiches - it will be wonderful for nachos too along with using it for other things. Just wish I doubled the recipe because we devoured these tasty sandwiches in no time at all. Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ April 16, 2005
Open Face Ny Strip Philly Cheese Steaks