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Great! I did halve the ground cloves, but other than that, made it as directed. I also had to bake quite a bit longer than stated. My knife never did come out clean, but after 25 extra minutes, I decided that would be enough! Everyone loved it!

I made it again yesterday. I was tempted to crisp up the crust by cooking it a bit first because the first ones I made, the crust (underneath) was a bit soggy. I decided to follow the directions on the Libby's can for baking. (bake at 425 far. for 15 minutes, and at 350 far. for between 40 and 50 minutes)
Following this recipe, but Libby's baking instructions turned out much better for me.

Update, 2011: I still use the Libby's baking instructions, but other than that, follow this recipe to the letter. People BEG for this pie! It is the best!

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mmmagique November 24, 2011

All most like Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie, ?? BUTthe Same as the one on Family Oven.com ?? Thank you for the post here and THANK YOU,,, Opal For the recipe, THAT IS A VERY GOOD PIE !!

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CHEF GRPA September 23, 2013

This pie is excellent - perfect blend of spice/sweet/creaminess. The only change I made was to bake it at 425 degrees for 15 minutes then lower the temperature to 350 degrees and bake for another 50 minutes. At first I was skeptical about the amount of cinnamon, but after eating a piece I found the amount to be perfect.

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Luby Luby Luby December 25, 2011

I have been making this same pie for at least 30 years. The recipe is the same one I have, word for word but from a different source and different title. The recipe I have is called "Old fashioned Pumpkin Pie". It came from a paperback cookbook my mom got when I was in grade school (I'm now 58 years old). She could never remember where she got the cookbook and it has since pretty much fallen apart from age. The cover and some pages gone. I can remember that the cover was either blue or purple and the title was "The Manhattan Cookbook". There was no colorful story along with it about being served at the white house, but the recipe and ingredients are word for word the same as here. So I can attest that this is an excellent pumpkin pie, no matter where it came from. Just thought it was interesting that we had the same recipe from different places.

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Steve P. November 26, 2010

Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around, there is bound to be the ceremonial pumpkin pie on my family's table. Most years, I pass over it without a second thought. This year, I couldn't go home for the holiday, so I held Thanksgiving and decided to try my hand at a pumpkin pie. I'm very glad I did and used this recipe. This was, hands down, the best pumpkin pie I've ever had. It wasn't that lackluster, soggy mush I've long associated with the "traditional" pumpkin pie recipe. Oh no, my friends, this is a pumpkin pie sent down through the ages by gods. Imagine a creamy, custard-y party in your mouth dancing to the sound of a choir of angels. It was so good that when I was done, I considered breaking my non-smoking streak. Opal, you are awesome for sharing this. Where ever you are now, thank you for making me a pumpkin pie convert.

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Salmon of Doubt November 26, 2009

I halved the recipe to bake only one pie, but this recipe yielded a large amount of filling that worked for two pies. I tried with 2 different type of crusts and liked the graham cracker one much more. The first time I followed the recipe to a T and thought the filling was too sweet and mushy. The second time I added 4 oz cream cheese (for half recipe) to harden the filling a bit and reduced white sugar by 2 tbsp. I also increased the spice: 1/4 tsp of clove and 1/4 tsp nutmeg. However, I didn't reduce salt and the filling turn a little too salty (there must be some salt in the cream cheese too: I used Lucern). So next time I will try reducing salt to 3/8 tsp.

Note-to-self: I tried the original pie again 4 days after baking it (original recipe 1/8 nutmeg, no cream cheese) and liked it much better. The filling has firmed up in the fridge and the taste more mellow (still a teeny bit too sweet).

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myoungp November 27, 2010

So very, very good!

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TransplantedHusker November 24, 2012

Wow, I loved this pie! No complaints from my family, either. The richness of the pie and its assertive spicing really make it different from other pumpkin pies--I made sure to use the freshest spices for maximum pungency. I made this for Thanksgiving and will probably make it at Xmas too. Thanks for sharing! Hope you like my photos, too.

UPDATE, 2012: I first reviewed/baked in 2005 and I STILL love this pie. I make more converts every Thanksgiving. :) I parbake the crust, add a dash of nutmeg, and sometimes I reduce the amount of sugar but otherwise it's 100% perfect to me. Custardy, creamy, pumpkin-y goodness!

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strphanie November 21, 2012

Add my whole family to the list of people who love this pie! My sister made this for our Canadian Thanksgiving dinner and it was fantastic! She used real pumpkin and made a delicious deep-dish pie. So so good! Because it is deep-dish it did take longer to cook so make sure to protect the crust if you are trying this. Again, DELICIOUS!!! Thanks CarrolJ.

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Nif October 10, 2010

A great traditional pie! The spice combination gives it a nice depth of flavor. After making it a few times, the only change I would suggest is reducing the sugar slightly.

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maria908 March 06, 2012
Opal's Pumpkin Pie