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This made for a quick & hearty lunch, I only used about 1 tblsp sambal oelek which I found plenty spicy for me. Thanks for posting!

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**Mandy** July 21, 2009

I did not like the spicyness of the sambal oelek, and in fact ditched the first dressing I made. However, the second time around I used ranch dressing and a tablespoon of Catalina salad dressing, and this time it was winner. I love the noodle texture added to the chicken salad. Yum! We served it wrapped in romaine lettuce along with Easy Chicken Noodle Soup.

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AcadiaTwo November 20, 2008

The sambal oelek was a new ingredient for us, unfortunately as written the recipe is way too spicy for two out of 4 in my family. I am the only one in the family that could eat it over lettuce. DS, who can usually eat pretty hot, was turned off by the overpowering spicy flavor saying it didn't compliment the chicken or the mayonnaise. DH & DD couldn't eat it at all. DS & I ate it as a sandwich with cracked wheat bread. I don't know that I'll try it again, but if so I'll cut the sambal oelek in half. Also, I think this recipe could easily feed 4 just as written. If divided only between two diners the portions would be huge, as that's what we did here & still have a lot leftover. Thank you for sharing your creation. Made for Fall 08 Dining on a Dollar - Ramen Noodle challenge.

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**Tinkerbell** November 20, 2008

For such few ingredients this salad does pack alot in. It is spicy from the sambal, but the chicken mellows it out. It also is a light pink color and looks pretty against the deep green romaine. Next time I would cut the ramen into smaller pieces. There is also lots of room to add more veggies for additional color. Grated carrot would be inexpensive. Water chestnuts or celery would add some crunch. One really could play with this as a base and use what is on hand. I would make this again. Great job. Good luck in the contest!

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Susie D November 20, 2008
Oodles of Noodles Chicken Salad