Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

Nice little side dish.


  1. Put all ingredients into a pan.
  2. Simmer until tender.
  3. Take off heat and let sit in honey mixture for 15 minutes.
  4. Reheat.
  5. If syrup boils down, just add a little water or some tomato juice.
Most Helpful

Hey, there was no way I was going to peel 16 small onions! I used 4 large onions and cut them up pretty coarsely. Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! These are sinful! I used a tomato sauce that had garlic slivers in it, and served the whole mess on top of some mashed potatoes. My only mistake was making one batch of the recipe, and not tripling, quadrupling it! I've learned my lesson, next time I'm going to make a vat-ful!

Mirj October 03, 2002

My husband wouldn't let me cook an onion side dish, but he changed his mind after trying this recipe!! Like Mirjam, I used large onions sliced into thirds .. This was so easy and good, its a keeper!!

najwa October 17, 2002

Great......I cut the onions into thirds as suggested by others, but next time I will take the time to peel pearl onions, would be able to 'attack' them better with my fork (yummy). I had a bit of sauce leftover for I covered the skillet and had the condensation build-up, so didn't have any problem with the glaze boiling down. Thank You Diggy. April 23, 2005