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My mom used to give this to us as children and I've made it for myself as an adult. This recipe is just slightly different than hers. She always used 1 medium yellow onion, diced and enough sugar to coat the pieces. She would put it in a tea cup inverted on a saucer. We take 2 tsp as soon as it's ready(about 2 hours) then 1 tsp every hour after until it was gone. Mind you this was always a last resort but it definately kicked the congestion and soothed the cough.

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EatThisandThat August 15, 2012

I really WANTED to like this recipe. A cold & cough remedy that I could make in my own kitchen with just just two ingredients is just too good to be true...and it is. The taste wasn't so bad. It did not taste good but as far as 'medicines' go my kids didn't fight me too much (with the appropriate bribe;-)!! I had some myself and definitely needed a chaser but still tolerable. The problem is it's 3 days later and we are all still coughing. I will probably try this again because I REALLY want this to work but for now I'm hanging on to my over-the-counter stuff.

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nykat2004 September 24, 2009
Onion Syrup Cough & Cold Remedy