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I am rating this recipe again because the first time I forgot to put the stars on it ( and it deserves AT Least 5 stars)! I made this, along with other appetizers for Christmas Day. My DH and SIL are huge onion fans which is why I decided to try them. They were delicious! I was debating whether to make the whole recipe or halve it because of all the other food we were having but I figured I could always warm up any leftover later. There were none left! Thank you leilani for a great appetizer recipe! They were so easy to make. BTW-my sil asked me for the recipe-several times-until I finally got it to her.

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ckambic February 13, 2004

Brought them to a party and they were really popular! I practically used up all the cheeses I have left in the fridge i.e. 1/4 pack of cream cheese, 1/2 pack parmesan cheese, and 1/2 monteray jack cheese. Added a dash of chilli powder, salt and red pepper flakes but still felt something was lacking.. until I added a few dashes of HP sauce! :) Rolled it up with some leftover ham slices and baked it for 10 min in the oven. Absolutely yummy!

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Cook Food Mood May 17, 2010

I halved the recipe and only used one onion. Delicious and easy!

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cheryl May 11, 2003

These were great! So yummy! I made recipe exactly - the only thing is that it doesn't say how many tortillas in "1 package" - mine had 8, but I only had enough mixture for 6. My mixture came out very gooey due to the Swiss cheese, so here's a hint for spreading and rolling - I found if I spread it from the middle down on one half of the tortilla, trying to go right to the edges, that the mixture would squeeze/ooze to the ends of the tortilla - otherwise if you spread it all over, it would squish out the open side. Ok, now about the taste - I used regular onions, I don't think sweet would work in this recipe, and if you don't like Swiss cheese, I would skip this recipe. The flavors are subtle - it's a shame that so many people need to have their taste buds burned off in order to appreciate flavor anymore, this is not meant to be zesty, piquant dish - but to each his own. I loved them as is, but could see adding some bacon or ham to have a "quiche Lorraine" type flavor. Also, after making them, I was thinking that it might be easier to mix room-temperature cream cheese with the onions and Swiss cheese in a mixer until smooth, then spread that - since you are baking them later, the cheese is going to melt then anyway? I may try that the next time I make these as there will be a next time - thanks for the recipe!

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WorkingMom2three June 01, 2014

These were great and had so much flavor. I used vidalia onions and instead of swiss, no one in the family likes it, I used colby- jack mixed. I will definitely make these again, besides the great flavor, they are so easy to make.

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LALH July 24, 2003

What a FIND! I made this a couple of weeks ago, froze the roll-ups before slicing. Then took them out just before cooking, and sliced them right up and baked. Delicious. My family has already requested I make them again for Christmas. Then, I will double everything so we have plenty to keep in the freezer for next time. Thanks for sharing!

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Viclynn November 30, 2010

These were a huge hit, although I did make some modifications. I used 8 oz cream cheese and 8 oz shredded swiss instead of 6 oz of each - no use in putting the extra 2 ounces back in the fridge. Also, since some reviewers said this seemed to be missing something, I added some cooked and crumbled bacon (probably about 1/2 pound). Swiss cheese, onion and bacon - how can that be bad?

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Tim964 April 13, 2009

Hello Leilani, we made these with vegetable cream cheese & swiss lorraine instead. Of course, I had to have my onions & I caramelized them with a pinch of crushed red peppers stirred in with the cream cheese! Thank you ever so much for a recipe that's a keeper, Diane :o)

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Manami December 22, 2007

What an easy and fantastic appetizer. I had a cream cheese, mozzarella mixture that included basil that I had left over from another recipe. I used that in these and it was fantastic. The sweet onions really make it!

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Denise G. January 01, 2014

Made for a party and they went fast. Will make them again.

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NoraMarie March 10, 2012
Onion Roll Appetizers