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I reduced the recipe by 1/3 with great success. The only thing I would do differently next time is to chop up the onions instead of slicing. It was a bit difficult to eat for me. I thought this was delicious and went well with my tomato and balsamic vinegar chicken that I made for dinner last night. I slathered this on some homemade rolls.

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invictus February 19, 2010

This is so good! There were two things that I did not have on hand. Fresh thyme and tomatoes. Solution: used 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme and 1/4 cup crushed tomatoes from a can. Worked perfectly. When the jam was ready it seemed a bit "wet", I decided to leave most of the liquid in the pan and scrape the jam together. Wanted to taste it as soon as it was done and found it a bit too sweet. But-once cooled (actually the day after) it was not overly sweet at all, had a jam-like consistency and a zing from the red pepper flakes. A little of this onion jam on a cheese sandwich, mmmmmmmmm. It has many more uses but I keep putting it on my sandwich, can't stay away from it. Yes, indeed delicious. Thanks for posting.

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Chef Dudo July 01, 2009

This was delicious! I didn't end up canning or storing any because we wanted to eat it all right away (I scaled the recipe down). I also added a tad more balsamic since I love the stuff and cut down a bit on the sugar. Topped burgers with these lovely onions. Thanks so much for sharing!

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sofie-a-toast September 18, 2011

OMG! This is SO good! I didn't' follow the measurements exactly, but it was delicious! Sweet and savory. SO good! I definitely plan to make this again! I didn't use tomatoes because I was all out. Maybe I will try with them next time.

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SilkyP May 01, 2015

I love caremilzed onions, so I had to try this. Didn't change a thing. Delicious! :)

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Lori Mama January 09, 2009
Onion Jam