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I've made these three times already. Needless to say, but we loved them. Usually my hamburges come out to thick, but not these. The first time I used ground sirloin, to dry and the onions didn't have enough oil. The second time I used ground chuck, that was better, but the meat was cold and kept sticking to the spatula. The third time I let the meat warm up on the counter a little bit and I had no problem with it sticking and they did not fall apart. We toasted the buns and used hand shredded cheddar. fresh sliced tomato and romaine lettuce and it was perfect.

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Naturelover February 07, 2010

Andi If I could do more than 5 stars I would. The guys came in Sunday night from fishing and it was a rainy fish day for them so this was PERFECT both for them and for me. First off the onions made me drool when they were cooking up in the smashed down burgers. OH LORDY they smelled so good! Talk about a simple dish that s so easy to make and yet so delicious. Kind of like coming home on a blustery night to a warm cozy blanket. That is what I was reminded of while these cooked. Mike and his brother came in a went right to the stove. LOL HELLO dripping on the floors boys! So I set their plates as they changed but instead of chips we had hush puppies, pickles, and a fresh from the garden salad. Now I understand these are burgers but Mike and I agree this would be awesome topped over egg noddles or as a stand alone not so formed. I will DEFINITELY Make these again as they come to gether so fast and easy. I may even throw some garlic in there even though for once I did not miss it. Andi you rock g/f.

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Chef1MOM-Connie August 16, 2011

This is a method recipe, and it was fabulous! Hot searing helped maintain the burger's shape and the onions added to the great taste! I used a mandoline on 1.5 mm to cut the onions, and 7 mm to cut the tomatoes. I added my favorite brown mustard, Koskiusko (maybe more available where I live). I applied the tomato and pickles directly to the burger:D Since we are vegetarians, and vegetarian crumbles don't hold their shape as well, I used 1 egg as a binder. Even though they started to fall apart before I put them in the skillet, after 1 minute they held their shape just fine. I used 12 ounces crumbles, made 3 burgers and I enjoyed 1 of them while my BF enjoyed 2. He gobbled down both, and gave it a thumbs up. Our usual burgers are 2.5 (soy) ounces, so it wasn't hunger that made him eat both these burgers up fast! I was also concerned about whether the onions would cook through but that was not a problem. When I turned these burgers over, onions were on the bottom and they cooked up just fine. I used a thin slice of red pepper cheese because I'm not sure what pimento cheese is, and didn't find any in the store (not sure if the two are one in the same). This was a great recipe! I will make my burgers like this again any time! Thank you Andi.

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Kumquat the Cat's friend January 17, 2008

This has taught me a new way for burger making! The burgers came out scrumptious and DH ask me to make these again please (true compliment!). Cheese of choice was what I had in the fridge, Cheddar. Took the advice of another reviewer and let the beef warm for awhile and I had no problem with it. Made for PAC, Fall 2012.

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Annacia October 23, 2012

These are GREAT burgers - love the onions all smushed up in there! And mustard is perfect in our opinion to spice these up - they don't need anything else. I used provolone and american cheeses between the 3 of us. Tomato slices and kosher dill pickles were served on the side, with sweet potato fries. Thanks for posting - Made for Spring PAC 2012.

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FloridaNative April 22, 2012

No doubt some of the best recipes have the simplest of ingredients. Method ranks high with these yummy cheeseburgers! Next time I will use a white or red onion though, as I went with a sweet since it's all I had in the fridge and would've liked a stronger onion flavor. This is a burger that will be made in our kitchen time and again. Thanks Andi, for sharing great recipes and stories with all of us here!

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Christmas Carol September 29, 2011

Wow!!! Andi, these burgers are worth every tear I shed from slicing my onions as thin as I possibly could! I thought I would hear some complaint from some of my kids...instead I heard "Mom, are there more burgers?"! The last couple of minutes I topped the burgers with slices of Munster cheese, allowing it to melt before transferring the burgers to the buns. We then topped our burgers with sliced avocado and slices of fresh garden tomatoes. This will be my go to burger recipe when snow is flying and I can not use the grill. Made as a recipenap for the Aug. 2011 AUS/NZ Recipe Swap.

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Chef Buggsy Mate August 19, 2011

Oh, onion and beef, how I love thee. Let me count the ways... What is not to love about a beautiful free form burger seared in cast iron with charred onions smashed in? This was absolutely perfect on a soft potato bun with extra sharp cheddar and pimento cheese, honey mustard, and bread and butter pickles. Mmmm....

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under12parsecs July 25, 2011

Delish. You've delivered once again Andi! These are such tasty simple burgers -- not a lot of "frills" to compete with the oniony beefy flavor. I didn't use quite as much onion as the recipe said...it looked like a lot when I put it on the burgers but by the time they were done the onions had cooked down and shriveled up so much I wish I had more on there. Next time I'll use the same amount as you say to in the recipe. I topped them with a slice of american cheese, ketchup and mustard. Thanks for posting! Made for Theirs, Yours, & Mine Photo Tag.

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Shelby Jo January 17, 2010

Very good and easy burger. Stree reliever!!!! Photo coming later.Will make again. Made for Make My Recipe.

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mightyro_cooking4u November 22, 2009
Onion Burgers by John T. Edge - the Longmeadow Farm