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The aroma when making these rolls was wonderful! I made them using my kitchen aid and needed the whole cup of water to make a workable dough. I ended up with 8 very large, delicious buns. Some of them were used as hamburger buns at dinner tonight. The rest will be for sandwiches. Thanks for posting!

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Dreamer in Ontario August 23, 2011

These are SUCH nice rolls! Just the way they make the house smell may be reason enough to bake them. I did change a little--instead of onion powder, I grated an onion and used the resulting juice as part of the initial liquid. And instead of dried onion, I used finely minced, sauteed fresh onion. And (shouldn't do so many things at once) I forgot the egg. I did use a whole egg for the wash and, like 2Bleu before me, added a bit more liquid to make the dough workable. I ended up with ten beauties, which tasted as good as they looked and smelled. Thanks, Annacia!

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Chef Kate March 08, 2010

When you can smell the rolls BEFORE they go into the oven, you know they'll be flavorful! These made wonderful hamburger buns. I mixed the dough in the bread machine, and did need the entire cup of water. I used sesame seeds and a little more minced onion on top. Just delicious! Thanks for posting!

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Chocolatl November 19, 2010

WOW! These are great Buns. This was my first attempt at making buns or rolls and I think it was pretty successful. I used bread flour instead of the all purpose which I know there is a difference but I can't remember what? Anyway it produced a lovely tasting and gorgeous looking bun. Since I was inept at rolling out the dough into a rectangle, one of my 8 rolls was a runt of the litter. But it was a very good first try. Next time I make them, I will either cook them at 350 degrees F or for 15 minutes at the 375. I actually like my crust a little lighter in color. Next time I also plan on adding sauted onions instead of the dried variety. I used two of the rolls for burgers for myself and DH. I took lots of photos, soon to be posted. Thanks for posting Ann. Made for Veg N' Swap #58.

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AcadiaTwo May 16, 2013

Wow, these buns deserve 10 stars! They are crusty on the outside and soft on the inside with a wonderful onion-ey aroma. I read the reviews every day, that's how I come across great recipes, so when I saw this one, I immediately had to make it. I had all ingredients on hand except the dried onion flakes so I used onion soup mix, worked like a charm! There is truly no reason to go out and buy mushy, spongy hamburger buns when it's so easy to make these! Thanks, Annacia for a fabulous recipe!

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gemini08 June 21, 2012

i too needed more water these rolls are the bomb used egg beaters egg whites for the wash great recipe

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Dienia B. April 24, 2012

Yummy! I am so proud of myself! Buddha is the bread maker in our household as I usually don't have good results with yeast recipes. Since he was working today I decided to try my luck. After all, this is a 'Put it all in the KitchenAid and mix' recipe. How could I go wrong? So off I went to try again. When the dough started to pull together and clean the sides of the bowl, I removed it and got real sad upon lifting it out of the bowl.... The dough was stiff and barely manageable. I thought, "What could I have done wrong?" So I added about 2 tbsp more water and then right away it started to become globby and slimy (I wish I had taken a photo of that, lol). So I immediately stopped the mixer thinking I have really made a mess now, it's totally ruined! I also thought "This is exactly why Buddha makes the bread." Well, I continued on anyhow and let it rise for the hour. I looked in and saw a bumpy mess. Buddha just smiled at it and kissed me before going back to work. I took it from the bowl and began to knead it,... and it was still a little stiff, but surprisingly it was rolling out quite nicely! So I continued to make the rolls. It was still working!!! I didn't know how they would be after rising again and baking but figured I had nothing to lose, so I continued on my quest. They were baked in 20 minutes. I spread some soft butter over the tops and Buddha and I gobbled them up. After Buddha tried a bite of his I said "They're great huh?" He replied "See, that's why I don't let you make bread." I looked up confused... He continued "You'll take my job away." LOL. We laughed. We didn't eat all eight of them, but we did eat 3 each. These are definitely 'no fail' rolls. They turned out perfect. Thanks for posting this recipe Annacia, it is a must try for those who think they can't make great rolls and the flavor of these onion buns is fantastic! ~Bird :)

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2Bleu August 11, 2008
Onion Buns