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This was fabulous! It tasted just like french onion soup. Everyone loved it and this is bound to become one of the top requested dishes at our family gatherings. The only change I made was that I used sour dough bread instead of french. Thanks for a great recipe

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MsKittyKat May 19, 2002

This is excellent! I've already decided to add this to my holiday menu. I used big, sweet Spanish onions. I cut the butter down to 6 tbsp and used fat free half and half and it was still rich, cheesey and savory. After I rubbed the garlic in the dish I crushed it and added it right into the onions. If you love onions, you will LOVE this! Thanx for sharing!

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*Parsley* October 24, 2007

MMMMM!!! Delicious! Even the onion haters loved this pudding! Easy and fantastic!

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Elisa72 October 23, 2010

This was a great basic recipe. I didn't have many of the ingredients on hand, so substitued as follows (and therefore didn't "rate" the original recipe): Only used about 1/2 of an onion; Used 1/4 cup riesling (all I had on hand); Didn't use garlic; Used Sunday's leftover soft parmesan garlic breadsticks for the bread (hence the garlic was already "built-in") Recipe 104628; Used about 1-1/2 cups mixed freshly grated parmesan & romano; Used whole milk instead of 1/2 & 1/2. Turned out absolutely delish! You've gotta try this recipe with your own favorite ingredients! You won't be sorry! Thanks, Yooper! It'll be my new "go to" recipe. Next I'm going to try a stuffing-type flavor to go with roasted chicken or turkey.

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Giovanni-B February 17, 2010

I absolutely loved the base of this recipe which I made with a few changes. One, I made Delicious Broccoli Cauliflower Salad which left me with some leftover bacon fat. I used this instead of the butter and oil to brown the onions. I was out of vermouth and skipped this step. I added an extra clove of garlic and like other, after rolling around in the bowl, chopped it and added to cooking onion mixture. Followed the rest of the instructions and for our Easter dinner, EVERYONE raved about this dish. To say it is like french onion soup is misleading, it is even better. The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars was the high amount of fat which I thought was a bit much. But the flavors, fantastic! I will make this again. I'm thinking for Thanksgiving, making it but with poultry season added for a new wave stuffing. Delicious!

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Sherri at the Beach April 12, 2009

Very good! I made as stated, with vermouth and swiss cheese. I think it would also be good with mozzarella, which I will try next time. Some thought it needed more salt and pepper, but that's easily remedied at the table. Thanks yooper!

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Lacer December 29, 2007

This is absolutely delicious. I paired it with pot roast, and it was a great match. I cut the recipe in half, subbed sherry for the vermouth, and added a little roasted garlic that I had on hand. I will be making this again, yooper, thanks!

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Recipe Reader October 23, 2007

This was very very good. I assembled this this a day ahead, and baked it to go with our Christmas dinner (my Perfect Prime Rib #73866) ......I was SO fed up with potatoes, lol, and this was a wonderful savory substitute. This has a nice mellow flavor that everyone loved, even the kids!

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Lightly Toasted December 26, 2006

Yummy, fluffy dish! I did reduce the fat content, like Catte Nappe, by using reduced fat milk and omitting the butter topping. It was very good, and I don't believe more fat content would have made it taste any better for us.

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rosslare March 18, 2006

Very very good. My picky kids wouldn't eat it but it is more of an adult dish & I was expecting that. I don't keep vermouth in the house & didn't want to buy it just for this so I used Burgundy instead & it worked great. Wine & onions is a no miss combo anyway. I also used heavy cream to up the "sinfulness" of this. Worked great and was delicious. Thanks for a great recipe Yooper!

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JanetB-KY January 17, 2006
Onion Bread Pudding