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Oh these are just scrumptious. I'll admit I ate way too many. I took the advice of kiwi and doubled the filling, but I think that is a little much, because it doesn't give you much space to get a good roll of the dough. The flavors were so good, although I did leave out the caraway seed. I also added 2 finely chopped jalapeno peppers to spice it up some. Just wonderful little snacks to have. Thanks DuChick for sharing this one. Made for SSC Pet Parade.

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~Nimz~ July 19, 2008

I made the filling for these and it wasn't nearly enough to be spread out even quite thinly over the required amount of dough, luckily I had more bacon/cheese and onion so I made a second batch and this double amount was only just enough to be spread evenly over my rolled out dough. I will be making these again, but if you want more than just a sprinkle of filling in each one then I'd suggest that you add in a lot more too. That said, once these got to the table our guests devoured them and were very pleased with the taste. No leftovers is a very good sign. LOL. Please see my Rating System: 4 excellent stars for a tasty and easy recipe, one that I will be making again (with a note on my copy of the recipe that more filling is very popular here) Thanks!

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kiwidutch July 24, 2008
Onion-Bacon Crescent Bites