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Just a tip to all you aspiring onigiri chefs, when molding the riceballs, dunk your hands in salt water and the rice wont stick to them.

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Phantom_Chef July 15, 2010

I've had similar onigiri both at home and in Japan and they are wonderful! I was taught to put the rice into cling wrap to mould the triangle shapes but using wet hands works just as well. I used smoked salmon in place of the grilled salmon for a different flavour. For children or those who don't like salmon, flavourings (such as dried bonito flakes or nori and sesame) can be found in Asian food stores which are sprinkled on the onigiri.

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Fishbaby August 19, 2005

I don't recommend touching the onigiri with your bare hands. I always use Saran Wrap. This way your onigiri will be bactaria free and lasts longer. Place a saran wrap on the counter, sprinkle salt there. Put rice. Hold Onigiri with Saran Wrap and make a perfect triangle. Open the saran wrap and put more salt on the other side. Cut Nori in half in Triagle shape. Put the upside down triagle nori over the triangle oginiri, and wrap it. Nori will cover the onigiri perfectly.Then wrap the nori onigiri with the same saran wrap.

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mrobinson February 03, 2010

Have made this with DD several times and now she makes it herself. Yummy and easy to make. DD wets here hands with mirin for extra flavor. She also likes it without the salmon for a quick after school snack. Thanks BirdyBaker!

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Acerast January 27, 2008

Great recipe, my 4-year-old gobbled them up! I used canned salmon I had lying around, but I'm going to try using fresh salmon next time to see if there's a difference in flavor. They were surprisingly easy to form into the little triangles, although I had trouble getting the nori to stick to them so I just ditched that.

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Sirea July 24, 2007

This was my first time trying Onigiri and it was just delicious. I didn't have any seaweed on hand, so I skipped that. Also I used tuna instead of salmon and blended it in with the rice before shapping instead of putting it in the middle.

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Meshka December 06, 2005

I'm giving this a 5 star. I had good intentions when I started out with this recipe. However, when my onigiri balls started to fall apart in the serving dish (maybe too much salmon flakes? 150gms to 4 cups rice) we dumped the balls, seaweed and all, into a pyrex glass dish and smoothened the top of the rice. It was very pretty (white, salmon orange and green) and it tasted very good too! We add some Teriyaki sauce to it after we dumped the rice into the dish. It's a keeper!

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V'nut-Beyond Redemption August 27, 2005
Onigiri (rice Balls)