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This is an awesome recipe! I just made it for the first time. I followed the instructions completely but altered the ingredients slightly based on what I had available. For the seafood, I used two dozen middleneck clams and a cluster of snow crab legs. For the white wine I used Yellowtail Chardonnay. I made the chicken stock myself from a Costco rotisserie chicken carcass. For the sausage I used Amylu Chicken Andouille Sausage (also from Costco). I didn't have any fresh herbs so I used dried basil and Pirates Bite (a spicy hot ground pepper mix I get from a local spice shop). The dried basil flakes gave it a good look and the pepper mix gave it a little extra kick but not super hot. The result was incredible. Maybe the best seafood recipe I have ever tasted. Very highly recommended.

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evendave01 September 04, 2011

Excellent dish. I made this and have posted a new recipe that includes measurements of some ingredients that are missing above. Trying to take the guess work out of it. See One Pot Seafood Boil

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Wing-Man May 31, 2005
One Pot Clambake