Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 55 mins

This a recipe I came across while looking for easy recipes that are a little different than my usual pasta. Im not a big fan of pork so I never make chops but these you cant go wrong with.

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  1. In skillet, brown chops. Pour off fat.
  2. Add remaining ingredients.
  3. Cover and cook over low heat 45 minute or until tender.
Most Helpful

I often mess up even simple recipes, but this one I managed to pull off pretty well. After searing the chops and setting them aside for minute, I cooked some diced onion in the pan before returning the chops and adding the rest of the ingredients. I used fresh carrots, sliced in thin rounds, and a potato, cubed pretty small (not diced). I substituted the tomato soup with pasta sauce. After 40min it was all done. Next time I may pull the pork chops a little earlier. Overall a great one pot meal, uber-easy and one I'll do again.

burntoast34 April 12, 2010

I made this with some thick pork chops,and some sliced onion & garlic that I browned quickly in the pan with the pork and then added fresh sliced carrots and potatoes with the skin on, and a can of Campbells Select Harvest Tomato w/basil soup and also added the extra water and oregano & ingredients listed. Let it all simmer as directed,(maybe a little longer) and poured it over some left-over white rice that I had. The whole family loved it. Thank you for the one pan recipe! Very easy.

Jacquelyn H. January 11, 2009