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Sorry for the low rating but I had problems with this recipe. I too made the cinnamon/nut version and as mentioned in LUVMY2BOYs review there isn't enough liquid to incorporate the ingredients. I added an additional 3 Tbsp milk but still it wasn't mixing in. So, I added an egg and then it was right. The taste was good so I will just tinker with it a bit as it is South Beach friendly. Thank you.

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mums the word December 21, 2011

These turned out really nice and tasty for whole wheat, sugar free muffins. In the past, I've had really back luck with whole wheat, sugar free things, but these were just fine! And Phase 2 friendly as well, bonus! I used the blueberry option and had a few extra frozen blueberries to use up so they went in too. The muffins with more blueberries are definitely better than the ones with less, so next time I would use more blueberries than stated probably 1.5 to 2 cups. The flavour and moisture from the blueberries prevent these from being dry, so I'll probably stick with the blueberry option for them. Very nice to have a muffin recipe in phase 2, thanks for posting.

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*Pixie* May 09, 2007

I tried this with the cinnamon/nut option & I thought the batter was "med/thick" as directed but the muffins came out way too dry. The flavor was fine but the texture was way off. I was disappointed but I'm going to try these again & add at least 2-3 more tbsp milk. To anyone trying out this recipe-make sure the batter is thick but smooth-don't make the same mistake I made!

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LUVMY2BOYS March 21, 2006
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