One-Hour Chili

Recipe by CookinDiva

Rich and hearty, but with lots of veggies that have been slow-cooked so that they seem to melt into the other ingredients. Don't scoff at the Tomato Soup in the recipe - it adds wonderful body and a bit of sweetness to balance the spice. If you like it hotter, kick it up with additional hot sauce. Bammmm!

Top Review by Ruby N.

To make this recipe work for me and my family I had to add a large can of whole tomatoes, tomato sauce, sugar, salt, and black pepper. Also, we don't like oregano so I only added half of the oregano stated to add. Additionally, I used the beer. From the beginning the recipe is plaques with inaccuracies because it takes me a lot longer than 15 minutes to soften the veggies especially the carrots which didn't soften immediately. It taken me about an hour and half to soften the veggies. Also someone need to kitchen test this recipe because I think someone forgot a large part of the recipe. Again, I can't believe the only tomatoes added are in the rotel! The recipe is very time consuming with all the chopping of the veggies and not very good until you alter the recipe. Highly don't recommend this recipe for anything!

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  1. Heat oil in deep pot, add all vegetables and allow to saute slowly for 10-15 minutes, insuring that the vegetables are very soft.
  2. When vegetables are soft, add ground chuck right into the pot with the vegetables; brown and stir to break up. Cook until all pink is gone. Drain any excess fat.
  3. Add minced garlic, stir and cook another 1-2 minutes.
  4. Add all remaining ingredients. Clean out cans with a little water and add that too. Allow to simmer 30 minutes.
  5. Serve with chopped onion, cilantro, shredded cheese and sour cream.

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