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We really enjoyed this tonight. I used leftover pot roast and DH said I could make it anytime (high praise!). Now, as to the working of the recipe, the batter remains on the bottom and ends up being one dumpling on steroids (YES!, I can finally make a dumpling :D). I added no sweetening of any sort and it tasted marvelous with the meat topping. In the topping I skipped the Sherry (don't care for it) and used just red pepper. I would have liked a bit more gravy in the mix. It looked like plenty when I topped the batter but there wasn't much when it came out of the oven. A 2 serving size fed myself and DH with a bit left for Dh to have a snack tomorrow. I'm very glad that I tagged this in Photo Tag and it will be made again. :D

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Annacia November 27, 2008

I would highly recommend this recipe I didn't change anything accept I didn't use the sherry and I baked in in a pre-heated oven it was perfectly cooked in 30 minutes. I will be making this again soon and next time I will try it with leftover chicken

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patriciaforeman April 13, 2011

I thought this turned out pretty well, and I really liked the fact that there was no crust to fuss with and roll out. I used solely all-purpose flour and was out of sherry. I did have trouble both with the filling overrunning the pan and with getting the crust to cook in anywhere near the stated time (it took more like an hour) no next time I will use an 11X7 pan. Unfortunately, I ended up making this on an unexpectedly very warm day so my family complained that it was too hearty. I will make it again next winter and see what happens.

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evewitch April 08, 2010

We loved this! So easy to put together and very tasty! I used a jar of au jus gravy in place of packet gravy and water because that is what I had on hand. Worked out great.

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mandagirl December 13, 2008
One Dish Beef & Mushroom Pot Pie