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This recipe looked so good, but I was a bit disappointed. I thought the sultanas were a bit strong and perhaps the slice could have benefitted from more chocolate on the inside and on top? I followed other reviewers and baked at about 160C but did so for about 50 minutes, and I still felt when I tasted it (after cooling) that the peanuts could have used more baking time for more of a roasted taste. None of my family members loved it, though we working our way through it. A new Zealand friend loved it and wants the recipe, though, so perhaps my family are choco-holics.
I too used a whole can of evaporated milk.

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mrl February 26, 2013

What a breeze to whip up ! I used a mix of sultanas and dried cranberries plus used the whole tin of SCM. Great success, Pat.

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katew September 08, 2011

DH after his 1st bite: "OHH these are GOOD". After his 2nd bite: "OHH these are REALLY GOOD". After his 3rd bite: "So when will you be making these again?"!!! Like the previous reviewer, I too had to add in a whole can of condensed milk. I made note of her suggestion and baked it at 160C from the beginning for 40 minutes uncovered. They turned out perfect for me, slightly crunchy on the top and the inside chewy. Thank you, Chef Potts, for sharing another wonderful recipe, this one is definitely a keeper! :)

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum July 25, 2008

*Reviewed as part of the'Make my recipe - a Game of Tag' from the Aussie/NZ Forum* This slice was really quick to put together and into the oven in no time. It uses almost all of a can of condensed milk and a whole packet of Cadbury Dark Chocolate Chips. I had some trouble with this recipe with the cooking temperatures. After the first 20 minutes, I removed the foil and found that the edges of the slice had already burnt. I'd probably suggest using the lower temperature for the whole cooking time. I did complete the slice and it was pretty WELL done with 8 minutes of cooking time still left on the oven timer. The lower temp would help and maybe check for being done 5 minutes sooner at 35 minutes of total cooking time. After cooking all of the outer sections were a litte overdone to be eaten. I've rescued the centre portions and they tasted wonderful. I used currants in this recipe as that was what I had already opened in the pantry. The texture was really quite surprising - somewhere between a crisp biscuit and a soft cookie. I'm sure that this slice will be a winner next time round for me. Chef Potts- I had seen this recipe in the magazine that you mentioned and had wanted to give it a try. Thanks for posting. I hope to post a photo for you too.

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**Jubes** January 26, 2008
One Cup Slice