on-sale Refrigerator Relish

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Recipe by T. Woolfe

Joan Cooneys recipe for refrigerator pickles #36429 made me remember this one. Well I can't help it, I like Pickles.I also have this other bad habit of being unable to bypass the bargain bin at the market. 2 Red and 2 Green Bell Peppers and a big Cucumber only 99 cents. What would you do?? Right,, and grab another big Cucumber and a sweet Onion while I was at it. Now I got them home and what can I do with them. Relish,,, Heh.... Sweet relish for burgers and meatloaf and such. The cookwoof strikes again.

Top Review by katie in the UP

I put this together last night...for our bbq today. I didn't use my processor...I chopped everything with a cleaver...so it would be chunky...salad like. Very Good!!! I also used English cukes..so I didn't have to fool with the seeding. I now have a bowl of beautiful relish!!

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  1. Split, de seed the Cucumbers, cut up the Onion and drop them in the food processor to chop.
  2. Put the result in a container with 2 1/2 Tbs of kosher salt in the fridge overnight.
  3. Next mornin rinse and drain let them sit in the colander a half hour or so.
  4. Split, de seed and put the peppers in the food processor to chop.
  5. Drain without rinsing.
  6. In a NONreactive pan put the Vinegar, Sugar, spices bring to a boil stirring constantly tll the Sugar is disolved.
  7. Add the Peppers, Cucumber, and Onion, turn the fire down and simmer for about 12 min stirring occasionally.
  8. At about 10 min, take a bit in a spoon and set it in your freezer to cool fast, shouldn't take but a min.
  9. Check it for salt cold.
  10. It tastes different from hot.
  11. you're happy, ladle it hot into jars,you'll have a bit over a quart to work with.
  12. If you want to seal and hot water process, you can put them in the pantry.
  13. Or just cap a quart in the back of the fridge.

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