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As a vegetarian for the past 25 years, and the mother of two little vegetarians, I am constantly searching for foods that the whole family can enjoy, especially when my kids have friends over for sleep-overs and expect the staples of pizza or mac and cheese. I love this casserole because it is a really delicious way to get my kids and their friends protein and veggies without them feeling like they are missing out on celebratory "junk-food". The nutrition information is clearly labeled on this site, so while I wouldn't consider it diet food, I would consider it a delicious and fun way to get the family eating different and good for them food.

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857484 June 09, 2008

I decided to make this for one of our vegetarian nights. This is nice and high in protein and potassium, both of which I am lacking in for heath reasons. I also really liked the addition of flax seeds - not something I would have thought of and it gave the dish a nice crunch - I will have to try adding them to future casserole dishes. That being said, the amount of saturated fat and sodium in this recipe is killer and I even omitted the tablespoon of salt the recipe called for, skipped the melted butter and cut down a bit on the cheese. We both thought that while the flavour was good it was not good enough to justify the fats in the dish so I doubt we will ever make this again. Thanks for posting.

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cyaos April 05, 2008
Omigawd Broccoli! Vegetarian Casserole