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Delicious mushroom omelette filling!! While I didn't have mush luck with your method of plating the omelette, the flavour was wonderful. I didn't have any mascarpone or heavy cream in so I used light cream cheese with onion and chives, it worked perfectly! The first one did not turn out well at all (mine !), quite a disaster, so I used my own method for the second one and it looked much better. Added the mushroom mix, while omelette was still a little undercooked, and flipped the other side over, put a lid on for about 2 seconds and removed it to the plate. I found it just a little too salty for me (probably my fault) and will leave the salt out next time. All of the above didn't really matter, the flavour was sooo delicious the presentation was secondary. Thanks for posting, I will be making it again (with my removal method haha!!)

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Derf November 16, 2008
Omelette With Mushrooms for One