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I scaled this back for 1 serve so just baked it in a small oven proof skillet/fry pan at 175C and it was cooked in less than 10 minutes so made for a quick and easy breakfast sprinkled with a sharp cheddar and instead of salsa some cherry tomatoes picked fresh from the garden. Thank you Lori Mama, made for Everyday A Holiday.

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I'mPat November 05, 2011

Wow, what a treat this turned out to be! All the various ingredients blended together well to create a very filling and tasty breakfast dish. I made it for a week-day breakfast for my kids and I, but I'd easily consider serving this dish for a special occasion brunch or luncheon. I used thick sliced mushrooms which added a lot of bulk to the baked omelette, so I had to fold mine (rather than roll it), and the individual servings were a little flattened. But that didn't take away from the taste at all. It was scrumptuous. But next time, I still think I'll chop my mushrooms into smaller pieces so the baked omelette rolls a little easier. And we're not much for salsa for breakfast, so I omitted that and just topped the individual servings with more cheese. It was a wonderful breakfast that we all enjoyed. Thanks, Lori Mama!

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NorthwestGal September 23, 2010

I made this a few nights ago.I halved the recipe and together with DD we enjoyed so much this dressed up omelette. I liked making it in the oven and the oregano was what makes it different from the other omelettes I had.Now it's my favorite way to make them.Thank you for sharing.I'll make it a lot from now on,especially with all the fresh veggies coming to the market.

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littlemafia May 07, 2010

This is the only way to go if you're making omelettes for a crowd. Very easy and very versatile. Just think of the combinations you could make. :) I decided to make a single serving , which uses 2 eggs. I have a little rectangular pan that measures 9x6. The mixture didn't look like it would be enough to cover the bottom of the pan, so I added an extra egg, 2 tbsp of milk and another tbsp of flour. Covered the pan perfectly. I then proceeded as directed. It only took 15 minutes to set, but I probably could have taken it out a little sooner. It was quite firm but I was able to roll it. (Not as pretty as yours Lori) Very tasty, and very filling. ( I garnished with cheese instead of salsa) It was a little denser than your standard omelette, but that might be because I added the extra flour. Like I said for a crowd, you can't go wrong. For a single serving, I'll stick to the traditional frying pan method. Thanks LoriMama. :) Honoured to make this as a "Thank You" for voting for Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia in the 2010 Kraft Hockeyville Competition.

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Diana #2 March 24, 2010
Omelette Roll