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This is a great and flavorful dish! I made half of the recipe in a 10-inch skillet. I took your suggestion of sauteing the mushrooms instead of using them raw; I used precooked bacon and just sauteed it in with the mushrooms. The bacon/mushroom/olive topping was great and I'm sure you could use any of your favorite pizza toppings on this. The seasoned omelet made a great "pizza crust" - served with a salad and I had a great dinner was on the table in 20 minutes flat - can't beat that! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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loof January 16, 2014

I reduced the recipe to two servings and added some green peppers which I microwaved a bit with the mushrooms and then drained the liquid off. This is a good recipe for low carbers and you can change it up with your favourite pizza toppings. Made for the Cook-a-thon in memory of Zurie's dear husband. You are in my thoughts!

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mums the word February 02, 2014

Loved it! The recipe was scaled back to 2 servings and made a delicious low carb dinner for the 2 of us. I did use your suggestion and sautéed the mushrooms. A couple of strips of bacon were cooked until crisp and crumbled over the pizza. I can see myself making this recipe again. Zurie, you are in my thoughts.

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PaulaG January 21, 2014
Omelet Pizza