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Prep 1 min
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This is straight out of the laundry room of DH's grandmother; it works too! I've also entered this under the "kid friendly" category because there was no "parent friendly" category to choose from! This spray concoction has been a godsend when getting stains out of my toddlers clothes.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • wisk laundry detergent
  • ammonia
  • water


  1. Pour into spray bottle: 1/3 Wisk, 1/3 ammonia& 1/3 water; replace nozzle and shake/shake upon using.
  2. Spray directly onto stained clothes; sit to soak in or just apply prior to washing.
  3. DO NOT USE IF ADDING BLEACH TO LOAD OF WASH; toxic fatal fumes if mixing bleach and ammonia.


Most Helpful

It got "blue moon" ice cream out of a lemon colored tee that I thought for sure was trash. Definitely a keeper!!

Dom & Gigi' s Mom September 05, 2008

just mixed up another batch & relized I should review this!!! good a big long streak of black grease from a very nice white t-shirt...I don't usually buy wisk BUT..bought a small bottle just to keep for mixing up this stain remover... used it the 1st time to get some icky orange stains off shirts that were left hanging in a closet for who knows how long( bought them at a yard sale for really cheap) this does work..I had to launder twice ( I wash in cold) BUT the stain was pretty large..I'll make this a lot..thank you

gruntlady September 03, 2007

My husband the mechanic is always going through jeans and t-shirts. Well I found your recipe and thought, "gee I have this stuff here let me make it." Well needless to say I actually am IMPRESSED. Blew my husband over. Well thank you to Oma. You saved me so much $$!

Novice$$Saver November 05, 2005

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