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This recipe is fabulous! It was my first attempt at making a gingerbread house and it turned out really well. When I made the dough, I used my Kitchenaid stand mixer with the dough hook, which made the process much easier. The dough turned out perfectly! It kneaded nicely, rolled with ease and tasted delicious. There was enough dough for one house and several gingerbread men. After I cut out the windows prior to baking, I filled them with crushed up Jolly Ranchers. The heat from the oven melts the candy and gives the windows a lovely stained glass appearance.<br/><br/>I rolled the dough to 1/4" thickness and baked it for 21 minutes.

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Wired29 December 20, 2013

I used this to make my gingerbread house . This year I used a mold for the construction..Next year I am going to make a bigger house with some templates though. The dough was very easy to work with and the cookies tasted really good.
Thanks Saturn for a great recipe

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petlover December 19, 2010

This review is only on the sugar glue as I did not make my creation from the rest of the recipe. The glue worked like magic and I was very impressed with its holding power. One of my decks cracked and I was able to repair it with the sugar glue reinforcing it with extra strength! This is definitely a "must" in gingerbread house construction!!!

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AcadiaTwo December 22, 2008

DD and I had a great, if sometimes frustrating, time making a gingerbread house. This was our first time, and, luckily I left the dough pretty sticky to start off with, so I had lots of room for mistakes - so many times we messed up on measurements and had to start over, and I was able to just add some of the wetter dough to the dryer, and never reached a point where the dough got too dry. We did goof up on the wall measurement, but I think it still turned out pretty good. As I am not very artistic, I left the decorating up to DD, and she did a great job! Thank you for such easy directions and measurements! We had fun making it and I am really proud to show my friends pictures of our finished house!

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MarlaM December 10, 2007

Great recipe ! loved it :) I made this before Christmas but sorry, forgot to make the review until now. The best part was that once I got the hang of the dough, it worked up easily and my house bits came together nicely. Molasses isn't a standard thing here, so I had to hunt around speciality shops.. and maybe it's becuase I grew up on Golden Syrup and Stroop, I found the smell and taste of molasses a little overpowering. I am certain that that's *entirely* a cultural difference though. I did try a second mixture with a slightly different array of spices and with Golden Syrup in place of the molasses.. WOW the gingerbread was georgous.. but the baked pieces were far far softer than the first Molasses baked pieces and it quickly became obvious that there was NO way that the house bits that I made would stand up to construction, so my daughter and I decorated them flat and gave them as Christmas pressents to her teacher, music teacher etc. I also made a 3rd mixture with the golden syrup and these were made into gingerbread people... these were gobbled up at the Class end-of-Year-kids-party as there was easily one per child. The house shown in the photo became the centerpiece of the Sint Nicolas celebration buffet table as family gathered at our place in 2006. Not only was it good to look at, but guests got to dismantle it for dessert and to take the leftovers home... and very pleased they were about that too! Thanks for a great recipe... it's my first foray into gingerbread but it won't be my last :)

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kiwidutch February 21, 2007
Oma's Gingerbread House