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Cream of wheat made with milk has always been a great comfy way to start the day but the addition of saffron and cardamom adds a delightful new exotic twist. I did not use the rose water option and used 1% milk as I was using butter and have to watch the fat intake. Super yummy and will be enjoying again, thanks for the post.

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Debbwl February 03, 2013

What a delicious and comforting breakfast dish! I made 1/3 of the recipe and did not use the optional rose water. This came out sooooo creamy, just sweet enough and loved the cardamom flavor. Served topped with a little dab of butter as you suggested and enjoyed a great breakfast - thanks for sharing the recipe!

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loof January 04, 2013

I made one serving for my breakfast this morning very muc enjoyed it. It was very pudding like to ma as I always make cream of wheat with water for myself. Loved the saffron and rose water (used half the amount ask for). It was smooth and creamy when I started but by the time I had finished it had set up quite thick. That took awhile though as I'm most often browsing online while having brekkie and I don't eat quickly. I will surely have this again :D. Made for North African/Middle East forum's NA/ME TAG.

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Annacia January 03, 2013

Made this as written except I didn't know I was out of farina until the water was just about to boil. Quickly, I ground up white rice to meal consistency. It worked! Yay! Made for SUN and SPICE Even in NA*ME/Veg Forums.

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COOKGIRl February 16, 2013
Omani Khabeesa -- Farina or 'Cream of Wheat'