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This was absolutely fantastic. Kind of a sweet curry taste. Yum! We used jalapenos instead of red chilies and left the seeds in.

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Da Huz May 07, 2009

I tried this with cod and it was fabulous. Thanks for a great recipe

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Chrissie2009 January 10, 2009

This made a very good dinner for us tonight. I used swordfish, green bell peppers, mushrooms and green onion. I did strain the sauce through a coarse sieve after the simmering stage, and at one point was afraid there would not be enough sauce to go around. I added some water, but looking back, probably did not need to, as I had to thicken it with flour and water in the end. I did not need to add any more spice. The flavor was deep and delicious. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe with us.

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mianbao November 26, 2005

This is delicious - the flavors of the spices and lime go really well with fish - and I used frozen defrosted pollock that I had bought more for its low price than any promise of high quality, so if it could make that taste good, it's a good recipe. In addition to 400g of fish, I used a chopped fresh orange bell pepper and some defrosted frozen peas. They added some color to an otherwise all brown dish. Be careful: my onions were very juicy, and when the watery paste was added to the hot oil it spattered a lot - stand well back. I'm still getting used to these kinds of recipes that have whole spices in them; it's kind of odd to have to pick out a whole peppercorn every other bite.

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Nose July 15, 2005
Omani Fish Curry