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Tasty and light at least how I had to change it to suit my diet. There is a similar tea which in Arabic they call, chai haleeb meaning milk tea made in Kuwait and I think Saudi Arabia as well so this is probably a regional recipe enjoyed with breakfast and also the last small meal of the day during the evening, lunch being the main meal of the day. I made this with homemade almond milk of which I had removed their skins, I know. My husbands family (Kuwaiti background) uses Carnation evaporated milk in this type of tea, to be healthier I used my usual since being pregnant, Traditional Medicinals Prganic Red Rasberry leaf tea bags which I simmered in a little water with organic sugar (no headache), and cardamom pods. I added it to the almond milk without simmering because I know it separates. I tried some that way as well as some with a little powdered ginger. DD, 5 years old and I liked the tea with the addition of ginger most. I may male this again with a different dairy free milk. Made for January 2013 ~ NA/ME explores OMAN!

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UmmBinat January 03, 2013

This was so good. One night when I had a bad bout of insomnia I made this at about 3:30am. I read for about 20 mins or so and went back to bed where I actually went to sleep and then forgot to review or report making this! I don't really know if it was the tea or not but I slept wonderfully for the next 4.5 hrs :D. It tastes lovely and I'll be enjoying this many times over.

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Annacia January 25, 2013

Clearly another winner posted by Elmotoo ! When I tagged this recipe I had intended on using cardamon however, I wasn't able to find it, and I suspect MIL tossed it when she organized my closet as it was in a baggy wrapped up with a rubberband. So with that said, I used the ground ginger instead. The flavor was very soothing and the aroma drifted trough the house. Made for Winter NA-ME tag.

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AcadiaTwo January 16, 2014

I chose Irish Breakfast tea and used fresh ginger and greatly reduced the amount of cardamom. I also never use can milk and subbed whole milk and a wee bit of very rich heavy cream. ;) This was *delicious*!! Made fo NA*ME tag/Summer Edition.

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COOKGIRl June 11, 2013

Delish comforting. I did use cardamom and fresh ginger. Love both. I subbed the sugar for honey and used raw milk in place of the evaporated milk. Thanks Made for veggie tag and February Sun and Spice.

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Rita~ February 10, 2013
Omani Breakfast Tea