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I haven't made this yet but, because it is very similar to my former m-i-l's Herring Salad, I know it is good. She used a huge jar of Herring in Wine Sauce for our Christmas Eve dinner. She would take the herring our and all of the onions. To these she would add the onions, apple, dill pickle, sour cream and celery root. You couldn't belong to the family unless you liked the herring salad! It is wonderful. I'm from Milwaukee where some of the best US herring is pickled and jarred.

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BeaJae May 23, 2009

We loved this. I cut the recipe in half, which I should not have done, only because we ate it all in one sitting. I doubled the apples because I knew it would be my favorite part, and it was. I left out the pickles (but did make it in a clean pickle jar), and left out the reserved juices. I also used low fat sour cream and didn't have enough but it didn't matter too much. This was a great snack on matzoh. I am going to make this often. Thank you and your dear mother. I can see how this would be the perfect meal for breaking the fast, but I can't wait that long to have it again :-)

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Ilysse January 18, 2005
Oma Trudy's Herring Salad