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Fantastic soup, Since I made it the first time 3 weeks ago I have had to make it two more times, both double batches. This was a huge hit with both my picky eater hubby as well as my Sicilian dad. I did adjust the recipe/process a bit by the third time. I don't cook with exacts so I know my measurements were off each time but it turned out faboo. Definitely double the recipe if you want any leftovers for lunch or to freeze. So here are the adjustments I made. I used one tube of Bob Evans hot sausage instead of 1 1/2 cups. I cooked the sausage, then the bacon in the soup pot. After each was done cooking I put it to the side. Then I took out most of the bacon fat (and saved to the side to use with burgers one day) and left about 1 tbsp to cook the onions in. I dumped in the onions and let them caramelize in the pan while I chopped up the crispy bacon. When I added the water I increased the amount by at least a cup, since my husband really liked the broth. I also cooked the soup a bit longer to give the potatoes a creamier texture. It was absolutely delish and I will use this recipe over and over. Thank you so much for posting it!

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Peejers October 12, 2008

I had kale in our CSA box and this is one of my favorites at Olive Garden. We really enjoyed this recipe and would say it was a reasonable copy of Olive Garden's version. For future reference, my sausage worked out to be about 1/2 pound to equal a 1.5 cups. I also used Yukon Gold potatoes which seemed perfect. I had a little trouble with the directions, but that may just be me. I wasn't sure if I was to cook the bacon in the same pan as I had cooked the sausage or if I should drain off the fat of each. I decided to cook the sausage in one pan and the bacon/onion in another. I drained fat off both. If I use bacon next time, I will cook it first and then cook the onions and garlic after it is done in the bacon grease. I mistakenly mixed the sausage in with the broth and potatoes at the point where you are to simmer for 15 minutes, but that worked out ok. Next time I will add more potatoes, a little less sausage and probably leave out the bacon, but I will definitely make this again! Thanks for sharing Leslie 0! A great supper on a cool October night!

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DeniseBC October 03, 2010

This was really good soup! My husband watches his carbs, so I didn't add the potatoes. As a result, the broth was very thin. I will definately make it again, and when I do, I will add more cream and reduce it to make it a little more thick. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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Southern Polar Bear October 18, 2005

Delicious! I begged my Mom to cook it for me a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it! Thanks for the great recipe! -Crystal H.

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Fatty April 09, 2003

I really enjoyed making and eating the Zuppa. It reminded me of the Olive Garden without all the hassels. Very easy to make. You couldn't get any closer to the real O.G.

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Rose Geckas March 10, 2003

This was a relatively easy recipe with alot of flavor! Everyone loved it. Many people here at my work are also now making this recipe.

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TCNANA Cowles October 25, 2002

I left the bacon out entirely, saute'd the Onions and 2 minced fresh garlic cloves in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Outstanding! Required no additional seasoning what's so ever! Serve with garlic toast and Riuniti Lambrusco :)

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Cruncher August 29, 2002

Just Fantastic, enough said.

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Meanie Queenie August 12, 2002

I made the soup for lunch today, used a mixture of both Turkey and Pork sausages. I did not cook the onion with the bacon. I used 6 slices pork bacon, but only crumble the meat portion into the soup, discard the rest. After cooking sausage and bacon I poured off all the greases, whatever leftover from the pan will be enough to cook the garlic and onion. After added crumbled bacon and sausage and before adding cream, I skimmed the soup again. Served with tossed salad and hot Italian bread. It was a hit at my house, an Olive Garden meal without the hassle of driving, waiting and tipping. Thanks for posting Leslie.

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Peter Pan April 21, 2002

I made the Zuppz for Saturday light supper and it was terrific. Everyone loved it. I had my small grandchildren and the all had extra bowls. Thanks.......

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Riggeroni April 10, 2002
Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana