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My family and friends request this all the time...they are say its just as good if not better than the OG...I do make a few changes...I use 1.5C fat free half and half and .5c cream....have tried several ratios but this seems the best to keep it low cal and true to taste...i also boil the gnocchi in the soup before I add cream and H&H ...otherwise it seperates. ..use fresh thyme instead of dried too.

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circe2113 February 08, 2009

My husband and I LOVE this soup! We haven't even gone to Olive Garden since I started making it. I did make a couple of small changes to suit our preferences - but nothing major. I cook the gnocchi a little longer than indicated because my husband likes them super fluffy and cooked through. I also add the heavy cream and spinach right before I serve it. We found the cream seperates a bit if you add it when the recipe calls for it. If you use heavy cream you don't have to use the cornstarch. I serve it with french bread or garlic breadsticks. I can have this soup on the table in about 35-40 minutes - easy and quick.....can't ask for anything more!

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ssekhar08 April 27, 2011

I actually work at the Olive Garden and I don't really like this soup..it is my least favorite. However, my boyfriend absolutly LOVES it..so i found this recipe about a year ago and have made it ever since!!!! It is WAY better than Olive Garden's, and I am not the only person who has said that. I made it for my family one night and the next day we all went and ate at Olive Garden and they compared soups and said that mine was better. I make this once a week and I never get tired of it!!! Awesome recipe!

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kfarris11 August 05, 2010

I've made this recipe so many times I can't even count. I always follow the recipe to the best of my ability.. (more or less veggies/chicken here and there). it comes out a little bit different every time but is always delicious... I love it! I've noticed many of the reviews say to add less chicken to make it more like the real thing (Olive Garden), but I happen to like it with more chicken that way I can have it as a meal instead of an appetizer.

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noellestar April 24, 2011

Mrs. VodkaAndTonic needs to remember not to post when she's had a few V&Ts. The recipe does not say to 'boil' - it says to 'bring to a boil' - that means to stop before boiling begins. It isn't neccesary to boil milk/cream.

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cindyfrear November 13, 2010

This is a great recipe. I made some changes based on other reviews but pretty much stuck to the basics here. One thing I noticed is people had issues with the soup separating. So, I used a technic other milk based recipes call for. I started with butter, olive oil, onions, celery. As soon as the onions got translucent, I added the minced garlic and 1/8 cup of flour (I halved the recipe) until is was incorporated and stuck to the vegetables. Then, I took heavy cream and incorporated very slowly (kind of in batches) until I used the full amount the recipe calls for. Then, I added the chicken stock, salt, pepper, thyme. I let that thicken a little and added the remaining ingredients. I had no problems with separation. The soup tastes wonderful and since it is just me eating here, I know I can warm this up again tomorrow for dinner! Eat away my friends! EAT AWAY!

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LilMissMolly March 16, 2014

I have not tried this as yet but I do know the Olive Garden only uses the dark meat for this soup.

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nellsmom September 04, 2011

20 something on a budget. This is a recipe i'll be keeping around. I couldn't find Gnocchi at the store i went to, so i omitted it. I also forgot to buy corn starch, and didn't take it off the heat fast enough so it curdled just a tiny bit. But it tasted heavenly! My sister took all my leftovers! and now my parents are begging me to make more.

I can't think of a better way to deal with rainy - march Seattle. Thank you.

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Fireflyhaven March 15, 2011

I have made this soup many times and my family loves it !! I know it is called Chicken Gnocchi but while at the grocery i discovered they were out of Gnocchi (and i am no where close to making them myself lol) but I had my heart set on making it anyway so...I substituted the gnocchi with cheese tortellini ! It was amazing, my kids love it that way,but you have to boil it separate(only takes about 8 min) and add them w/ the spinach at the end yummy !!!

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Mrs KPRiley December 21, 2012

Great Soup! Added additional broth. Add the half and half last to keep it from separating. The "missing" ingredient identified by the reviews is SOUR CREAM. Add about 8 ounces immediately before serving!

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hoosier_cook February 21, 2011
Olive Garden Style Chicken and Gnocchi Soup