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We love Olive gardens chicken and shrimp carbonara..But,their chicken is breaded and this one isnt and they use canadian bacon and linquini pasta..So, I played with this recipe and we were thrilled with the results..I made half this recipe for 4 servings with 8 slices canadian bacon cut into 1/4 pieces placed in a cast skillet with garlic and cooked at 350 in oven for about 15 minutes till just starting to turn brown..Add this to your sauce..Also added 2 egg yolks,whisk well into sauce,you can use alittle cornstarch if needed for thickening,but not too thick it is a creamy sauce....Save whites for dipping the cutlets into breading..Slice 4 chicken breasts across to make 2 cutlets 1/4"thick..Place 1/4 cup Italian flavored panko in a large ziploc bag use a rolling pen to roll it out to make it more of a meal,add 2 Tbls flour and 1/2 Tbls dried parsley. Remove cutlets from refrigerator shake off excess liquid and dip in flour then in whisked egg whites and dip again in ziploc ingredients. Fry in skillet with just enough olive oil to cook to crispy brown..Add red peppers to warm up if needed before serving..Place linguine on plates top with 2 cutlets and equal amount of roasted red peppers,pour generous amount of sauce over,cover with topping and place under broiler for 2-3 minutes till it starts to turn slightly browned..Plates will be hot!...Remind evryone...I served this last night and everyone loved it..Sorry Olive Garden you wont be seeing us as often....Thank U Chef for this recipe,it helped..

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Potluck January 19, 2009

Not a good recipe to try if you are a new cook. Luckily, I am not and I could make sense of this recipe. It turned out ok, but there were many ambiguous steps. What should I do with all this cheese I just grated? How thick should the sauce get? Do I add the oil that was used to soak the chicken? There are far easier recipes with much better results out there.

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maryjanejam February 20, 2012

This recipe is not for an inexperienced cook. Luckily I'm very experienced. Good base to start with, but will need to be able to improvise.

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Jyounger January 12, 2015

My family loved it.......very tasty and delicious.......

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sparrowchild May 17, 2014

People- essentially the work in this recipe is making an Alfredo or cream sauce. Cut some corners, have the same (or better) outcome by purchasing a high quality alfredo sauce. Sautee the shrimp or chicken in evoo, with garlic and (even precooked) bacon. Serve over whatever pasta you feel like, top with panko/garlic/cheese blend, broil till bubbly, and you are in. Let's not over complicate. Good stuff!

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Red Sox Fan in Virginia April 08, 2014

Overall good recipe. The instructions are vague in some areas and need clearing up. As someone else previously mentioned, a novice would have difficulty with this. Other than that, the recipe is tasty.

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Chef Sarita in Austin Texas December 16, 2013

with all the ingredients and steps, surprisingly this is an easy and delicious dish. I impressed my date with this one!!

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Beto/GODS August 10, 2013

Simply outstanding. cooked this for my wife and she says its the best thing I ever cooked. It's a heart Attack on a plate but hey.. It takes you to heaven. Followed the recipe literally and it turned out just fine

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bretth65 April 10, 2013

actually olive garden uses bucatini pasta not linguine, bucatini is almost like spaghetti noodles except it has ridges. I work there and its my favorite dish!! XD I love the changes you made to the recipe Potluck :)

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ilsdewamh October 13, 2012

i love this dish my boyfriend and i made it and even the next day it was still amazing!

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handbforever20 November 11, 2010
Olive Garden Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara