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I have made this many times and it does taste the same as OG's Alfredo sauce. I believe that it is their recipe. When I make it for my family of 4, these are my measurements: 1/4 T pureed Garlic browned 1/2 cup butter 2 cup whipping cream 2 oz milk 4 oz shredded parmesan cheese (in the tub) 1 oz shredded Fontina cheese 1/4 t salt 1/2 t pepper Try this recipe and see if it tastes the same to you. It will. The funny thing is on that other web site a different recipe was posted claiming to be a copycat recipe for OG Alfredo Sauce. Then a reviewer typed up that it wasn't quite right since they used to work at the OG in the kitchen for 2 years and had the recipe off the line card. There were more reviews from her review than the original recipe. HAHA!!

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thecatergator January 29, 2008

I also got this recipe from copykat.com and its EXCELLENT!!! One thing I do suggest though is to buy the cheeses in block form and shred yourself. If you use the packaged shredded cheese it does not get completely creamy and has somewhat of a texture to it. Otherwise, this recipe is perfect as written and is a recipe my entire family loves! Note: this recipe makes a gallon, you will probably need to scale it down for your family.

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desndamon October 23, 2012

I cut this recipe into 1/4 and it was enough to serve 4. This is a perfect base to work from. I used the Fontana cheese, pecorino Romano, plain Romano, parmigiano reggiano and parmesan cheese which gave it an amazing taste. I made some breadsticks and it tasted spot on, yum!

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k.hausmann January 13, 2013

was great.... everyone who ordered the chicken broc alfredo loved it. I made 6 gal of the sauce and was worth every bite. I cooked the sauce in a roaster. I used 3/4 half & half with less H whip cream to cut the cost down.

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mjg February 13, 2009
Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce