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Well Elaine, I'm Australian, so this dish had to be for me;-) We ate it for dinner tonight, made with a mix of kalamata olives and anchovy stuffed green. We only had one lemon (zested already) so we used the juice from it, and a quarter preserved lemon, which went really well with the other flavours. Thank you so much for my lovely dinner tonight.

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JustJanS April 12, 2003

Although this was good it will not be a favorite of mine for lamb . I made it last Tues a bit slow on doing the review - Used Black olives only and this gave a rather dull looking finished crust. I think that Jan's suggestion mixing the olives would add color to the final picture. I used 3 loin chops and skewered them together browing only outside just like you would the rack, then when I was roasting them I separated them slightly to allow some heat to flow through (they were far meatier than a normal rack). Cooked perfect pink inside after25 min.. As I said this is a good recipe just not a top lamb favorite for my taste buds. Thanks Elaine you know I love your recipes

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Bergy December 24, 2003
Olive Encrusted Lamb Racks