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Delicious! I loved the combo of flavors...it was very reminiscent of my favorite muffaletta sandwich. The red pepper added just the right amount of bite. The only change I made was to add about a TB of chopped roasted red bell pepper for a bit of visual interest. (I don't think I could really taste it). I served with pita crisps. Garlicky goodness!

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appleydapply March 02, 2009

I've been wanting to makes this recipe for sometime now, and now I know why. It is fabulous. It doesn't look the prettiest, but the taste is amazing. Thanks for posting.

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mommymakeit4u October 05, 2010

A little hot, spicy and salty, this spread went great atop some Ritz crackers for a snack! We loved this and will be having it again! Thanks!

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LouLouIzSpoiled February 07, 2009

This was tasty, but if you like olives and capers, this was predictable. I used the dried basil and extra black pepper since I did not have the pepper flakes. I didn’t add salt since there is plenty of saltiness already. I also processed everything together without the olive oil with the plan to blend in as much as it needed for the right consistency at the end, and I did not end up adding any at all (I was happy with it on the pasty side). I put everything together at once (rather than in two steps) and then refrigerated it for 8 hours or so. I spread this on slices of fresh bread and put them under the broiler to crisp and heat things a bit, and served these with a bit of yogurt cheese as a flavorful part of an odds and ends meal.

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Meredith C-ville January 12, 2009

This recipe made it into our Book #231450. 6/08/08 - I halved the recipe and made it a bit different by just putting all the ingredients in our mini food processor at once. Well, Buddha and I wanted a little taste before refridgeration. It's half gone and hasn't made it there yet. As another reviewer stated, we might go lighter on the garlic next time, but this is one heck of a wonderful treat! The initial bite seems (at first) stout from the capers (which you could tone down if you wanted by rinsing the capers first), but the overall blending of the flavors leaves an awesome after-taste that has you going for more, and more, and more... :) This is very addicting and goes great with a cold bottle of beer to rinse it down. Lastly, although it matters not, this is more of a 'dip' than a spread. Thanks so much for posting.

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2Bleu December 28, 2008

WOW, Sharon! Fantastically flavoursome! I omitted the red pepper flakes and the salt (personal taste preferences) but otherwise made this exactly to the recipe. I could so easily find this VERY addictive - which alarms me a little as it is so VERY quick to make and rather high in fat - NOT a good combination - but hey, NOT the BAD fats. I made this with kalamata olives, the specified number of garlic cloves and capers (not too much for our taste) in a flash in my mini food processor. We enjoyed - well, totally devoured was more like it! - this with tzatziki and warmed crispy ciabatta rolls - and a glass or two of sparkling wine.

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bluemoon downunder September 15, 2008

Definitely Italian - or maybe Greek! DEFINITELY MED!!! Everything blended superbly - garlicky-olive goodness. Recipe halved and served with thin slices of fresh baguette.

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evelyn/athens June 19, 2008

Wow!!! This is good! I followed the recipe exact, except I didn't add extra salt. I served it on baguette slices topped with crumbled feta and it was a piece of heaven in every bite! Thanks Sharon for posting this awesome recipe. Very easy to whip up in the processor and oh so very satisfying!

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Alskann June 03, 2008

The world would be a dull place without olives! And they spring to life with these ingedients added - I could eat this all day. I did not add one grain of salt, doesn't need any, and the recipe wouldn't suffer if you want to cut the garlic back a little. (Also, for some reason I couldn't get it completely smooth, but it looks great as is) Thanks so much for this treat!

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5thCourse May 22, 2008
Olive-Caper Spread