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I haven't made the bread yet, but I used to work at olga's....the dough came premade and already in frozen dough balls. we would tray the doughballs and they would rise. as they rose, they dried out a little, and then they were rolled, and then immediately cooked. instead of rising in one big portion, it might help to portion them out before rising. since they dried out a little, they were less sticky and didn't stick to the rollers. also, when they rose, they became nice and round, and gave it the nice equilateral circle shape. good luck! can't wait to try the recipe!

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myjoyexpressions February 16, 2008

Ooh, these ARE really good! I had never heard of Olga's Restaurant before as we don't have one here, but I was looking for a good flatbread recipe and this is definitely a good one. I'm afraid I had a phone call just as I was getting started and I had to run out the door, so I threw everything (used half whole wheat flour, worked great) into the bread machine and let it go on the dough cycle. When I got back I separated it out into balls and started grilling, and voila! Beautiful little breads. I didn't quite get mine to stretch out to eight inches and they cooked up a tad thick, so I'll give it a better go next time with the rolling pin. I was skeptical, too, about the 15 second cooking time, but they really do cook through when you flip them and do both sides. The honey flavor comes through just a bit, and they are chewy and delicious. I am so excited to have found this recipe, and I shall take some dough balls to the family dinner on Sunday instead of the bread I had planned. Thanks a mil, Buddhabelly.

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Erin R. November 12, 2009

great recipe. I switch the margarine for unsalted butter and added a tablespoon of buttermilk poweder to my second batch and it is almost exactly what I had at Olga's in STL. A helpful hint for using yeast. Make sure the yeast has not passed its expiration date and do not let the water get above 120 F or lower than 95 F. Also put the water in with the yeast and mix well, then add the sugar. This is very sticky dough. I use non-stick spray on my bowl instead of oil, and when I roll the dough out, I place the dough between two pieces of plastic wrap. This helps with sticking and I don't have to add more spray. If you want more of a store bought pita texture, add a bit more flour, about .5 cup or less should do.

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skramsv January 05, 2008

This recipe is so good! I just made it for afternoon tea for my children. They loved it with a variety of dips. It would be awesome with a curry! Thank you for posting.

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Wendy's Kitchen August 07, 2005

Yummy! Very, very close to the original. Dough handled beautifully, although I wasn't able to get 10" circles. Made them smaller and a bit thicker, almost like naan. Delicious and quick - will definitely make again!

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DangerBun July 29, 2005

I made this recipe for the first time and didn't know what I was doing. but I followed the recipe and holy cow, it turned out and they were so good and so easy to make. just know that they definitively make 16 pieces so invite some people over for dinner.

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tina.nelson69 January 28, 2015

As a former Olga's employee. The only thing I see wrong is the cooking. At the store we useds a thin coating of vegetable oil on the Flat top. I am certainly going to try this recipe. Also if roll out only enough to flatten the dough ball. Then take the flatten dough and stretch it as if you were making a pizza crust..

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OnRappell September 03, 2014

Very tasty indeed! I made a couple mistakes, too hot a pan, rolled them too thick, but as I worked with the first batch I kind of got the knack of what I was doing. Will definitely make these again and use past experience to make them better! Thank you so much for posting this great recipe.

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jrtfan August 16, 2010

If you are having trouble getting this or any bread to rise, chances are that you are killing the yeast with water that is too hot. Activate your yeast in warm (but not too warm) water. It should be like baby bath water - warm enough to tell it's warm (above neutral) but not much more. Hotter is NOT better.

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momoftensofar June 12, 2009

Wow.... This was great. My whole family begged for more. So easy, my 13yr old made them.

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newtonjulie October 02, 2008
Olga Bread