Old-Time Hot Dog Sauce

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Total Time
5 mins
20 mins

From Mr. Food Cooks Like Mama, c. 1992. Easy sauce to spice up hot dogs!

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  1. In a large skillet, saute ground beef and onion over medium heat, stirring often, until beef is browned. Add tomato sauce, chili powder, and Worcestershire sauce. Bring mixture to a boil, lower heat, and simmer for 10 minutes.
  2. NOTE: For a real taste treat, place cooked hot dogs on rolls and top with sauce; you should have enough for about 10. Add your favorite regular toppings, too. To make the sauce taste as if it came from a New York pushcart, add a little cinnamon. Oregano will give it a Greek or Italian flavor and a teaspoon of ground cumin will make it an authentic chili dog.